Master Jim and Valentines Day

A couple of months ago, Master Jim came home from school very excited to tell us about his new “girlfriend”. Monique is her name, she has long black hair “nice and straight, not confused like yours, mom”, with big eyes “the biggest I have ever seen” and “sort of coffee caramel color skin, not skinny color like me, but little bit darker, but not too dark” (we’ve done our best to raise as neutral as possible to color differences in people, we all have the same blood running through our veins after all). Anyhoo, things were quiet for a while after that until:

On the Monday before Valentines he comes: “Mommy, you know I will have to get Monique something for Valemtimes, or else she will think I don’t care anymore”. So off I go to the shop to find the cutest little (cheap) Teddy bear. After inspecting it for about 5 minutes our young Master declared it suitable.

Thursday night (Valentines on Sunday): “Mommy, how do you suppose I am going to give this to Monique without anyone noticing, they might tease me you know?”. Wanting to see what he will come up with, I played the fool and pretended to have no idea.

Friday after school he is beaming “I did it Mom, I fooled them all with the oldest trick in the book. I waited until everyone was seated then I picked up me bag and asked teacher if I could speak to her in private. We went outside and I gave it to teacher and she sneaked it to Monique. They are such idiots, they all think I gave teacher a Valemtimes gift!”. (Never mind the fact that they are now teasing him for being ‘in love with teacher’, kids are so cruel).

So, did you tell Monique it was from you? “Nuh, I didn’t have to. She kissed me in second break, ’cause she knew I cared about her”

Mixed emotions: 1) should I be proud of him coming up with a workable plan or 2) should I be worried that my 7,5 year old is kissing girls in break?

I didn’t make to big a fuss about it – hope it pans out well.

Surprises were not over though, Sunday morning (Valemtimes Day) he wakes me with the cutest little pink bear (prettier than the one I bought)! Were did you get this, I asked. The answer came with the honesty and happiness radiating from his face: “I saved my tuck shop money for two whole weeks, and you know that is a very long time, until I had R23 and I gave it to the neivour and she bought it for me!”

What more could a mother ask for…
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2 thoughts on “Master Jim and Valentines Day

  1. This is such a lovely story. “nice and straight, not confused like yours, mom”… What an apt description of our hair from a 7,5 year old :mrgreen:.

    I am thinking: The poor girls when Master Jim becomes Mr Jim in a few years’ time. Sound like you have a genuine romantic on your hands. Lovely!

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