Tribute to a Lady

From the first day you entered our lives you enriched each and every day.

You always took such pride in your shiny hair, 10 sometimes 15 times a day, or sometimes just for the heck of it when boredom set in you would groom yourself.

You never rushed, others may have been running around or chasing you from this room to the next, yet you never rushed. You always carried yourself with such ease, always the lady, always the queen.

Not even the temptation of food and sweet treats could make you loose your cool. Bite size treats were treated with just the right period of pausing before you would slowly cherish every taste, taking your time, enjoying it, savoring the moment.

You never caved before temptation, except for the one time, I will never forget:

I was watching TV late one Friday night when I heard this heart breaking “Aaai Jaaai Jaaai” coming from the bathroom… I walked in to see you standing in front of the toilet, clasping the edge of the bowl as if it was a matter of life or death. Just at that moment you looked into the bowl, threw your head back and cried again “Aaai Jaaai Jaaai”. On closer inspection I found you catnip mouse had fallen in…

My dear Wicka, you were taken too quickly, never again will you look at my with those big eyes, pawing your way to my heart.

I’ll miss you my little lady…
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