Hero or Zero – judged by all.

It is with bated breath that South Africa and the world is watching the Oscar Pistorius case unfold. If you have ever wondered about the real power of social media, this will surely enough prove it.

Never before have I seen twitter this active. It also goes to show the wonderful reporting capabilities of our journalists. In this regard I must refer especially to Barry Bateman. His up-to-the-second courtroom reporting of the case has been of an exceptional quality!

Why is it that this case is drawing so much attention when we have had much worse cases in SA? Is it because Oscar is the Golden Boy of SA who crept into our hearts during the Olympics, overcoming the most horrendous of odds? Is it because we are so shell-shocked by this, what appears to be, brutal slaying of a beautiful woman in the wake of Anene Booysens murder? Is it because our children watch the news in horror and tearfully say “He is supposed to be one of the good guys”? Is it because we, as a country, so desperately need a good clean hero to look up to? Someone who can show us that no matter what the odds are, you can make a success of your life.

Honestly, I don’t know. I just know that I hope against all hope that it was indeed a horrible mistake, a tragedy. Which one of us can in all honesty say that they have never done or said something in a fit of rage, which was later regretted? I know I can’t!

Fact of the matter is that we will only ever have Oscar’s version of the nights events. If that will be the true and correct version, only he will know.

Speculation is rife and we have seen the many faces of Oscar painted all over the media, faces good and bad. His accomplishments and his arrogance have been displayed in so many different ways. Amongst all the news and speculation, of a few things I am certain:

1. I am very grateful I am not Magistrate Nair. What a huge responsibility rests on that man’s shoulders!? Remind me again why we don’t work on a jury system in SA? Why does the responsibility of such a grave decision rest on the shoulders of one man. He is, after all, only a man who can err, as any one of us.

2. If ever, and I mean ever, I am in trouble I will want anyone of Nel, Roux or Oldewage on my side! Every one of them have the ability to make you believe the case they are making. This is definitely going to turn into a legal battle of note!

3. Thirdly, and most important of all, two families have been changed for the rest of their lives. They will never be the same again. Reeva’s family and friends are grieving the loss of a child, a sister, a cousin, a confidant. The world has lost a good soul and heaven have gained an angel. Oscar’s family and friends are grieving for their son, brother and friend. Guilty or not, he will never be the same again. Can you imagine what he must be feeling? Thinking? The guilt and shame. The emotional toll on him will be a tremendous one. If guilty, I can hear you say, he deserves what he’s got coming. If not guilty, he will carry the hurt with him forever. I don’t wish that on anyone.

Tonight, and for the foreseeable future, each party involved is this case will be in my prayers.

I will reserve judgment in this and allow justice to take it’s course. Until then I will cry for Reeva and I will cry for Oscar.

May God be with them all.
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