Chasing ….

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I love people. Not really the people as such, but more the subconscious “what makes them tick” part of the human race. Why do people say what they say or do what they do?

I find it just fascinating to sit and watch. Not in a judgmental way at all, just observing and trying to figure out their actions and reactions. Spotting the fake versus the real. I suppose it makes me a bit of a voyeur? A coffee shop in a busy mall, restaurants and parties are all good places for this. My personal favorite definitely has to be parties or pubs – any place where alcohol is consumed. It is amazing to see the transformation people undergo. My big advantage here is that I am not a big drinker. Two, maybe three drinks, and I’m sorted. I simply don’t see the point in getting wasted. I don’t judge peole who do enjoy this, just personally I prefer keeping my wits about me and observe. Observation alone, however, is never enough. I believe that introspection goes hand in hand with this practice in order to make it a beneficial one.

In past relationships (school, personal and work) I have been labeled boring and conservative. I have always denied this. I suppose you could say that it is a form of self-defence. Perhaps (and this the one I’m going with) it is simply because I know myself well enough to know that I am not boring.

Today we watched The Skywalker on Discovery World and, even though it is an adrenaline packed adventure, I actually got bored. I turned to Sudoku while Jacques and Luke were nailed to the TV. This got me thinking. Does not being an adrenaline junkie make me boring? No!

I think that there are mainly two groups of people: those who chase the rush and those who chase the calm.

Both of these groups have their pro’s and con’s.

The junkies, who chase the rush, are to be admired for their go and determination to face fears and push personal boundaries. They accomplish things, which others might consider impossible. On the down side the problem is that if you solely chase the rush, you will sooner or later run out of things to do and what then? “The Skywalker” personally admitted to the fact: the rush, in the moment, is something incredible, something that can’t be described. However, facing divorce from his wife of 13.years, he was left with a situation where even his biggest challenge no longer gave him that lasting thrill and he was left depressed afterwards. Is this then the point where they turn to alcohol and drugs to provide the rush they live on?

The chasers of calm, and this is where I fit in, is on a constant search for tranquility and peace. Take me, for instance, I would prefer spending two years in Tibet, walking with monks in nature in search of the inner self, as opposed to spending 2 years searching the highest cliff to jump from. The down side to this is that you miss out on the thrills and don’t ever really know what you are physically capable of. Do chasers of the calm ever turn to drugs and alcohol?

The conundrum we are faced with then is this: which is the best path to follow? Which one of these is the best for he development of your spirit? Which path will leave you stronger to face the reality that is life?

I would say that it is about finding the balance. Soul searching, finding the calm, finding the peace is the most important, but helps nothing at all if you don’t test your physical boundaries from time to time. Equally, pushing your limits ever further without knowing who and what you are, is guaranteed to leave you restless yet again.

What a complex race we are?!

For now I will settle in my “boring” existence and enjoy the calm, while skydiving remains on the bucket list!

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