Liebster Awards – Take 2

So, it turns out I answered the wrong set of questions! O well, I stick to my answers and the questions posted to my nominees also remain the same. For what it’s worth however, herewith my answers to the right questions:

1. A memorable experience you had in another country – if you haven’t been abroad yet, you can tell about a memorable experience with a member of another nation
Well, I’ve dated a German and worked for a Jew. Of the two, my time with Joel (the Jew) had to be the most memorable. We spoke a lot and I learned a great deal from him about human nature. Also through him I got to meet Ursula Duba, a woman I have a great deal of respect for.

2. A meal you really enjoyed recently
Since the recent meat debacle, I’ve turned Vegetarian and have really been enjoying everything I’ve made so far. Turns out the diet really agrees with my body.

3. Describe a setting in which you would definitely find peace
A cottage somewhere near the Spanish coastline with a fireplace, a cat and my very own library.

4. An event that changed your life drastically
I have had quite a few life changing (WOW) moments, but it started when I was 5

5. Your favorite way of travel
For now, walking! I’d love to fly one day, but equally so, I would love to be able to backpack Africa.

6.Imagine I had the powers to arrange a meeting with the person of your choice. Who would that be? Convince me why I should let you meet with them.
Only one? Nelson Mandela. There is so much to be learned from this icon. I would love to ask him how he found the courage to forgive and forget, how he found the courage to hold on to his dreams and pursue them, despite all the odds being against him.

7. Since the point of this Award thing is to connect with bloggers, please share a link to a blog post of yours you think came out quite good – maybe even your favorite one. Let us get to know you!

8.Blogging – is it easier when one stays anonymous?
I guess it is easier, but is it necessarily true to yourself. I think it is easier for people to say what they think when no-one knows the other. When you write and people actually know you, you have to be able to stick to your guns.

9. A movie that impressed you lately
What the Bleep do we know? A docu-movie that I watch again and again.

10. Scenes that let you stop zapping on your TV and make you watch?
Anything that touches my heart, that provokes emotion. I live in touch with my feelings and when something makes me feel very strong emotions, I always stop to find the why.

11. Something you would love reading about more.
Ha-ha! In line with question 2 above, I’ve been reading a lot about GMO’s etc this past week, and will for he foreseeable future.

There goes!

My BlackBerry service is about to expire in about an hour. I will be back in touch in a week’s time. In the meantime have fun, love, laugh and make the most of every day!

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