Clone Wars!

Our time, most will agree, have become a most precious commodity. There are so much to juggle, it seems a near impossible task and everything is done on the run. Just take a look at people in restaurants, for instance. How often do you see a few people having a meal together without someone checking their phone for email or messages? It just does not happen anymore.

I have been thinking a lot about time management lately and how to juggle the endless list of things to do. The Daily Prompt forced me to spend a couple of minutes to think about how I would have done it, so here goes. The only downside: I realized I need a lot more clones than initially anticipated!

1. My first clone will have to be the one which is full-time mom to my sunshine, Luke. At 10 (going on 16) he is a handful and deserves my undivided attention to help develop his (already) brilliant mind.
2. We need to pay the rent, right, so clone 2 will have to sort that bit.
3. This clone will do nothing but read! A little villa somewhere near the coast of Spain with a library second to none. There are simply too many good books and too little time
4. Number 4 will have to finish writing the novel I’m working on – oh, imagine: all the time in the world to write, write, write – heavenly!
5. This one will have the challenging task of preparing for the Cape Argus and the Two Oceans half-marathon
6. L’amour – one clone will have to spend time to indulge in love! I am in love with love and would want to soak it up every minute of the day
7. An untrained mind is like a wild elephant running loose in it’s pen. One would have to spend some serious time on personal development and habits.
8. This one would do nothing but spend time with family, catch up on all those times when we were to busy to sit down and chat!

For now, that seems to be it. Now for the task of deciding the order in which to clone them.

One last thing, if we are able to clone, which one will be the real you?

11 thoughts on “Clone Wars!

    1. It’s a tough one for me. Can’t seem to decide between Luke and the writing. He is my reason for existing and writing keeps me going. Luckily I don’t have to choose, hey?

    1. My partner and I stole this rule from some or other Facebook page: when we sit down for dinner / coffee at a restaurant, the first one to check their phone for messages pays the bill. It works like a charm!

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