Afkaq Terrorists on Vokov Air – I Love South Africa!!!

Thanks to eTV and O Shucks I’m Gatvol, I have a very tired and cranky almost-11 year old this morning!

Luke’s bedtime is at 9 PM.  Last night we started watching the movie and when it got to bed time he begged and pleaded to watch just a little more.  And then just a little more and then some.

Eventually I caved (bad parenting I know) and by the end of the movie we were both crying.  After I managed to calm Luke down, he said that he wanted to write Mr Schuster a letter:

Dear Mr Schuster

 Thank you so so very much for your wonderful movie.  I wish we could see more movies like this one.  Even if it made me very sad, I really enjoyed it.  It made me cry but I laughed more, the farting guy in the plane was the best prank ever!  I also wanted to move to Australia and even support their rugby just because our country is sometimes a very ugly place with a lot of hate and fighting.  But you made me remember me that this is still the most perfect place in the whole world.  Because of your movie I remember why I love South Africa.  I love your movie and will buy the next one you make. 


There you have it folks, through the eyes of a child.  South Africa is not so bad after all, just stop and smell the roses from time to time!

3 thoughts on “Afkaq Terrorists on Vokov Air – I Love South Africa!!!

    1. Ja, dit maak my nogal skaam dat dit nodig is vir hom om ons te herinner aan dit wat belangrik is. Dit is so maklik om ingesuig te word deur alles wat negatief is dat ons soms vergeet om te kyk na dit wat mooi is.

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