I am gay

Now, after you have recovered from your mini heart attack and cleaned your screen of the coffee you just spat all over it, read on.

This is not a confession, I am not coming out!

Today’s prompt focuses on how the meaning of words have changed over the ages and I have chosen gay.

In the late 1800’s the word was used to describe a carefree or happy attitude. Today, however, it’s a different story altogether.

When we got home today, I told Luke that I am gay. His expression went from shock to disbelief and then blank. Ever the inquisitive one he then asked: “So how did you and my dad get me, WAIT WHAT!? Does that mean you are going to get a girlfriend?!”

I had to laugh and he was not impressed.

Why do we feel the need to label it when someone loves a person of the same sex though? Why can’t they just be left to love whoever they want? At least they have love. Two of my best friends are gay and I love them to bits. I have never looked at them differently because of who they love.

I wish we all could be gay.

With more gay the world would be a better place. Who would want to rape or murder if they were truly happy? Who would want to gossip or steal if they were truly happy?

So friends, here’s to a very gay weekend to all of you!

4 thoughts on “I am gay

  1. I LOVED this one! So so true. You had me in shock! I was thinking….why did yountell me earlier? Hahahahah typical fomo me. Love your writing

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