I want to know what love is!?!

Each of us have a different view of what love is. Today’s prompt asks us what the one single idea or definition is that runs through all varieties of love.

What is love? It is something that requires you to open up completely, let the walls all down and let someone else in. It is something that requires you to put all your trust and faith in another person, without knowing what they will do with that. It elevates your soul, turns your knees into jelly and turns your stomach into a fisherman’s knot.

The term love is so widely used today, that we have lost the true meaning of love. Our kids are raised in broken families and their minds flooded with information from teachers, friends and TV. This is what base their opinion of love on.

I love Chocolate Brownies drowned in First Choice Vanilla dessert.
I love Pugs, they are just the most adorable creatures on this planet.
I love my mother and father, my brother and late sister; I love my son, Luke, the light of my life; I love Jacques.
I love summer.
I love a good book and a movie that can make me laugh or cry or think.

Which of these do you think I will kill for? You guessed it. Touch my family and I turn into a ferocious lioness, all the rest I can really do without.

Are we teaching our kids to love things more than people? Look at the way we live. Do we work harder and longer to have more things, or do we work smarter to spend quality time with our families? Here I just have to applaud Gary Kirsten. This week he resigned as coach for the Proteas so that he may spend more time with his family. What a man!

Are we teaching our kids that love is disposable? Watch TV, even cartoons for that matter. Nearly every show has some sexual connotation and affairs are the order of the day. Do you really want our child to grow up thinking that a pretty face and good sex is a pre-requisite for love?

Where it comes to the people we love (the only true love in my view) I think the common denominator has three legs:

Without any one of these 3 the pyramid will cave in and love will suffer the unfortunate consequences.

These are the things we should be teaching our kids.

Love is the strongest power known to man. With it we can conquer anything, without it we are left crippled, wanting to die. It is the strongest drug in the universe. One taste and you are hooked. A junkie for the rest of your life. Love is the power that fuels us all.

The true power of man is measured by his ability to love.

Only two questions remain:

    What do you love?
    What do you do with the love entrusted on you!

6 thoughts on “I want to know what love is!?!

  1. We’re not the first to wonder about the nature of love…
    The greeks had three words for the three different kinds of love: eros (erotic love), pathos (brother love – or that you have for a very good friend or family member) and agape (God’s unconditional love for us). Quite interesting…physical, mental and spiritual.

    Here’s a pretty good write-up I found about it you want to read more. I first heard about these three words in church, believe it or not! http://theseekeroftruth.blogspot.com/2005/02/3-types-of-love.html

  2. Very well put, you’ve covered that very well and hit the nail on the head, I think.
    I shied away from this prompt, I wonder why…!

    1. Mmm, interesting. Perhaps write something on it, free flow, just let me your mind go and write it as if no-one is ever going to read it. It might be interesting to see what you come up with!

  3. I want to add one thing: A great many of us try to be loving. We really do. But we also need to remember to insist on being treated with love. You would insist that others are treated with love. Why not oneself? It is a matter of principle: People should not be allowed to treat others without love.

    1. Fantastic point! Too many people are the “victim” of love, purely because they are in love with being in love. I think all too often we let things slide, simply because we don’t want to pop the bubble of love that surrounds us, until it’s too late and you are inevitably left hurt and confused. That is where the mutual respect in a relationship is extremely important. Without it one party will most definitely get hurt.

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