It’s over and I dont know what’s ahead!

Our history is not written by the great strides of yesterday, but by he ones we take today – Johnny Walker commercial

These words really stuck with me tonight.

Do you live in your past? Are you still holding on to the pain, hate, confusion and resentment? Are you controlled by the fear it creates? Do you secretly cherish and feed it? Why did it happen like that! Why did my boss choose him / her for the promotion, when I have been busting my ass doing overtime? Why did he / she have to cheat on me, when I gave it my everything? Why did my parents het divorced? Why, why, why?!?!

Do you live in the future? Do you base all your action and spend all your time planning around your dreams and goals? One day I will have my own house / car / business! One day I will find the perfect husband / wife! One day life will give me my fair due! One day, one day, one day!!!

The past is a good thing, only if you choose to learn from it and grow from it.

The future, dreams and goals – these are all good only if you use them now!

Do you know the saying: “To know the future you have to understand the past”?

What if understanding the past means you cling on to all the negativity it had? What if building castles in the sky mean that you are missing out on the magic of now?

Every day you wake up is a miracle! Every minute you have is worth 60 seconds of joy.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that life throws things at us that seems unfair. I know that we get frustrated with traffic, stressed about bills and irritated by idiots. I know it happens daily, even a hundred times a day. I know very few of us have the perfect life, but really?

Are you contributing to your own misery by allowing the past to control you now?

You can not go back in time. You can not erase your footsteps on the roads you took. You can not change anything that happened. You can not take away anything that was said.

You can not jump ahead a year and make your boss decide to give you the job. You can not see into tomorrow to know which off-ramp to take to miss the traffic. You can not know with certainty anything about the future, apart from the fact that you will one day die.

Here is another beautiful quote that really grabs me:
“When writing the story of your life, don’t allow anyone else to hold the pen” – Anonymous

Go out and live your life with gratitude. Let go of the resentment and pain. Release the anger and hate. Banish the fear.

Let the dreams and goals be reminders of where you want to go. Where you come from and how you got here does not matter. Where you are going is a mystery. Enjoy the journey! Cherish the now!

You are the author of your own life story. Make it a damn good one, you owe it to yourself!

2 thoughts on “It’s over and I dont know what’s ahead!

  1. Wise words. We’re taught much the same in AA. Most of us (me certainly) would prefer to forget the past (the parts I can still remember anyway), but it’s there to learn from. On the other hand, wiping the whole thing from my memory would probably make me a happier chappie.
    It’s a tricky one!

    1. Forgetting the past is something that we can never do completely. I think it’s more about the letting go and forgiveness, toward yourself and anyone who might have hurt you along the way, that can bring healing. It would be life changing to be able to wipe away the past completely, but that brings a problem of it’s own: what about the lessons we have learned and the growth we have made as a result of it. Would that then disappear too, leaving us again vulnerable to make the same mistakes again?

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