Three guys walk into a bar…

Three guys walk into a bar. It is as badly lit as can be expected of the old place. Extractor fans fight a losing battle against the thick cloud of smoke. From the small stage a 3-piece band is shouting out 80’s classics.

The bar keep recognizes each one of them and No1 signals for a round. He knows what they will have and places the drinks in front of them just as No2 finishes a conversation on his cellphone. He will have a double Jack on the rocks, his only drink for the night. No1 gets the pint of lager (his only one before he will move on to Brandy) and No3 gets the Brandy.

After catching up on the weekend sport results and usual pleasantries, the conversation quickly turns to women. No3 is hammering No2 about never staying for more than one drink. No1 sees an old mate and they share a shooter. It’s going to be a long night! When No1 returns they start to draw comparisons between their wives:

No1 – I’m a grown man and no-one will tell me what to do. I do what I want, when I want and if she does not like it, well, that’s just her problem. Never let a woman sit on your head!

No2 – my wife and I agree that I can have a drink after work, as long as she knows where I am and I don’t get home after 7. That way we still have time to take care of everyday stuff.

No3 – I know how far to push it. She does not like drinking during the week, but as long as I play my cards right and manipulate the situation correctly, she can’t refuse me. I have the best of both worlds! Learn from the master!

Back at home Sarah is waiting. She does not know which one will come home to her tonight. No1, the one she hates; No2, the one she loves; or No3, the one she can’t live without.

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