The Interview

Very interesting prompt for today:  Interview your favorite fictional character.

I am a huge Santa fan!  There, I’ve said it and there is nothing you can do to change my mind!


Christmas is a very special time for and I just love setting up the tree and decorating all over the house.  Every year I buy a new tree and decorations and pass the old ones on to someone who can not afford to buy one.  The set up is new and exciting every year and just fills my insides with a warm, fuzzy feeling.  Pure joy and giggles overwhelms me!  I sing Christmas Carols ALL the time.  I go slightly crazy, to put it mildly.  Come the end of Christmas and the tree needs to go down, I am the one to say “Just a couple more days, please?”  Usually around Easter they get fed up with the tree and just take it down while I am at work.

So here are my 5 questions to Santa:

What do you do the rest of the year?

Do you and Mrs Claus have any children?

Why does your reindeer not age?

How many “bad’s” does it take to get on the bad list and how many “good’s” are needed to get you back off there?  Are some bad’s worse than others or some good’s better than others?

Don’t you get tired of chocolate chip cookies?  I’m gonna try my new Nutella and bar one cookie recipe this year, come hungry!

Oh and one more:

How many good’s do I need to get a camera and laptop?

For the rest of the year I plan to be a very good girl!  Nudge-nudge, wink-wink.  Santa might be reading this!

9 thoughts on “The Interview

  1. Nobody has seen Santa yet – I’m just thinking “he” might be a “she”, seeing how he can multitask and be in so many different places at once!

    1. Absolutely! Just because we can’t see him / her doesn’t mean that he / she does not exist right? Just kidding! I’ve been posting a lot of “heavy stuff” lately and this one gave me the opportunity to do on on the lighter side.

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