May I pleased be Excused!?!?

I thoroughly enjoy reality shows like Survivor and Amazing Race. Today, however, I had the unfortunate experience of watching Excused. What a load of rubbish. I honestly felt like my ears and eyes were about to start bleeding by the time it was finished. Why did I then bother to sit through it then? Only to see if there was one single person with a shred of dignity or moral values.

If ever you find yourself in the unfortunate position of knocking on the door of the Hollywood mansion, here are the simple rules to not be excused:
Leave all moral values and dignity at the sidewalk.
Dress like something that was picked up on a dodgy corner (very) late at night.
Be prepared to make the first move – intimate kissing is required on the first date.
Be as fake as possible
Take lap dancing lessons

Seriously?!?! Not a single man or woman who appeared on the show showed any concern for the real things that make a relationship work.

Why am I writing this? I would like to hear from anyone who ever “found love” on Excused to let me know how it panned out. Please, I beg you!

Until I can find a single person like that, these are the dating shows game rules I will adhere to:

Stay away from a reality show where you are supposed to find “the love of your life”! Face the reality of real relationships in the real world. Stay true to yourself and the right person will eventually make his way to your door.

2 thoughts on “May I pleased be Excused!?!?

  1. I’ve never heard of this show but there are plenty like it in the UK. Even as far back as “Blind Date” decades ago these programmes have always been “fake” (although Blind Date did have a kind of “olde worlde” innocence about it in the early days I suppose).

    1. I think there are way too many fake people out there, which is why we have such a high divorce rate. If people could learn the simple principle of being true to themselves, there would be a lot less heartache in life. Shows like these just confuse kids

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