Jerseys 4 Jozi

I received a tweet from one of twitter followers, @jeffzurel, this morning about a very worthy cause.

We are going into winter now in SA and the homeless are always affected the worse.  Jerseys 4 Jozi is a non-profit organization who came up with a fantastic concept:


There manifesto reads as follows:

The Joburg winter is tough – but so are we.
We’re also a giving, caring city,
Reaching out to one another every day.

We’re for not-so-random acts of kindness,

For spreading warmth and happiness
And believing in the power of you and me.

Because a jersey isn’t just a sum of threads,

It’s a gift of warmth,
And an essential for survival.

So we’re about quality,

Giving aid with pride,
And adding value to lives.

What we feel, we feel with heart

What we do, we do with purpose
And what we give, we give with a smile

​We believe in the cause because we care about the people of Jozi

And we spread warmth because we’re cold without it.

With some big sponsors behind them, they are able to make a little bit of warmth a reality for those in need.

They have a couple of big sponsors behind them like ABSA, Internet Solutions, Mazars and Werksmans Attorneys.
To read more or, even better, get involved visit them at
They are also on facebook and twitter.
For only R300 you can get a really nice top and help someone who could never afford it.
Get involved now, you will be a better person for it!

2 thoughts on “Jerseys 4 Jozi

    1. Thus far 2724 people have been warmed. It is a long shot from where we need to be and it is being publicized on radio a lot. Hopefully many more people will see it in their hearts to participate at month end

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