Rest in Peace Vuyo Mbuli

It was with utter shock that we learned of Vuyo’s death on Saturday.  This life is indeed one which ended too soon.


Vuyo made his television debut in 1993 and for the past 9 years he has been gracing our screens as presenter of Morning Live.  His smile, the twinkle in his eyes, compassion for humanity and trademark “Sharp, Sharp!” will be dearly missed.  The one thing that stood out for me was his passion for his country.  He never went on air without a South African flag pinned to his collar.  When people spoke of their grand visits to other countries, it was shrugged of with better tales of the different places in South Africa to visit.  His passion and love for the country shone through when he started every news bulletin by greeting viewers in all 11 languages.  That is what I will miss.

This morning we expected the normal presenters of Morning Live to have taken the day off.  Instead they came out and paid loving tributes.  The show had to go on.

Vuyo was as much part of our mornings as breakfast and coffee.  Luke said it best:

“Mommy, my morning does not feel right.  I’ve started every morning of my entire life (he’s almost 11) watching that guy to the news”

Rest in Peace Vuyo, you served your country well.  You served humanity well.  Thank you for all you have done!

3 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Vuyo Mbuli

  1. I didn’t watch that show often (mostly because we don’t have a TV), but what I remember most about him was how very upbeat he always appeared. I don’t think I ever saw him in a bad mood ever!

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