Forgotten one

Dark clouds above, he does not see the storm underway
Only the wind he feels, sharply slicing through skin and bone

Eyes cast down searching, looking for his treasure
A cigarette dropped, coins carelessly tossed aside
In a trashcan he finds his meal

His approach have them cross the street
Not to be bothered by the scum
Dirty hair and clothes that smell
The man inside that yearns for better days are hidden, forgotten

Only he remembers, late at night
When rain pours down and cardboard boxes give way
When the shelter is no more and sleep evade
Night time, the enemy

He remembers a time of warm meals and a loving embrace
Early morning coffee and work to be done
He remembers a time or family and parties
A time, a lifetime away, never forgotten

Tomorrow will find him searching for sun
A park bench or quiet corner
Sun baking down warming the bones that clatter at night, drying the fabric between holes

Tomorrow still will find him with eyes cast down
The forgotten one
One of thousands in a city of life
Where living is reserved for the ones with money

5 thoughts on “Forgotten one

  1. Love this! 🙂 Nobody thinks of the homeless anymore, not even the children. I worked with my local school system’s Homeless Children & Youth Program for over 6 years. It was like pulling teeth to get anybody to care, let alone donate. Drove me crazy when I saw how things really are, and we are a small county.

    1. The plight of the homeless is one very close to my heart. I’ve written about this before and wish there was more I could do. They truly are the forgotten souls, another black sheep of society. If people would just stop and ask, each one of them have a story to tell. Well done for having done the work!

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