The Writer’s Diet


In the constant search for tools and ideas to improve my skills, I came across the Writer’d Diet by Helen Sword this morning and must say I love it!

It rates your writing from lean (what we are all striving for) and heart attack territory (definitely to be avoided).  It is a very simple process and you have your results in seconds!

Firstly, paste your text into the block provided and press “Run the test”.  That simple!

Next, you will get feedback on verbs,  nouns, prepositions, adjectives / adverts and “waste words”.  You also get the option for a full diagnoses, which goes into more depth on your use of words, what to avoid, etc.

To give you an idea, I ran the test on my tribute to Vuyo Mbuli.  The result:  Fit and Trim!

Here is a sample of what to expect:

writers-diet-3 (1)

Go on, try it with your next post.  It’s a rather fun way to see whether you are up to scratch with your writing.

13 thoughts on “The Writer’s Diet

  1. Ha, that’s cool! I just gave it a go on four of my fiction posts and got three “lean” and one “fit and trim”! Yay me 🙂

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