The GMO Test – how much does it effect me?


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I have in the recent days wished that I never discovered GMO’s.  For years I lived unawares, as so many other consumers does.  Since I have became aware of GMO’s, however, it has been like the opening of Pandora’s box.  The realization that GMO’s are part of our lives every single day is a stark one.  It is quite literally in (nearly) everything we eat or drink.  We are effectively poisoning ourselves bite-by-bite and sip-by-sip.  I compare it to taking 1 ml of Arsenic per day for the rest of your life, sooner or later you will die a horrible death.  It may seem a bit drastic, but read on.

What are GMO’s?

Genetically Modified Organisms are organisms whose genetic material have been altered using genetic engineering techniques.  The main culprits are soy products, cotton, wheat and dairy products.  Read more here.

How did this journey start for me?

In recent months we have been hit with more and more reports of contaminated meat in South Africa: Goat and Water Buffalo being mixed with who knows what else and sold as beef, etc.  One day we bought mince at a butcher, which was on special.  After preparing it, following my normal recipe, I told Jacques that it just does not taste “normal”.  Within days the scandal hit newspapers and, to this day, I shudder to think what we actually ate that evening.  I made the decision to move to a vegetarian diet and turned to vegetables and soy products.  A friend told me to steer clear of the soy products and especially soy mince, as it was modified.  This made no sense to me and I started digging.  This the point where I realized that contaminated meat is the least of our worries.

The amount of information on GMO’s, both good and bad, is vast, and you are left to make up your own mind about it.  As you will no doubt pick up from this post, is that I have made up my mind about that GMO’s are the poison that is killing our world.

As can be expected, the “good points” about GMO’s are all distributed by companies who either produce them or benefit from them in some way or form.  These points are then backed up by very vague scientific results.  On this point, did you know that Food Technologists who work for these big companies have to sign secrecy and non-disclosure agreements.  Makes you think: what are they hiding if it is supposedly good for you?  This picture (taken in my beloved South Africa!) going around on Facebook also speaks a thousand words:


The bad points are much easier to come by and listed by companies, individuals and scientists – some of these are even food technologists who used to work for large corporations (read Monsanto).  Their facts are backed up with test results galore.  One argument which makes it clear to me is the following:

We all have to eat and drink, right?  Think back to when you were a child – you hardly ever heard of someone who had cancer.  Today cancer is as common place as the flu.  Why is that?

Bearing this in mind, go back and look at the statistics and scientific results freely available on the internet.

Moving ahead – GMO Free

no gmo

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The search for GMO Free products in SA is unfortunately not as easy as expected.  Labeling in SA is not yet compulsory and very few companies choose to label their products.  At most, you will find a very small “may contain traces of genetically modified organisms” or even worse “genetically enhanced for your benefit”.  The process have thus been arduous one, but I have come up with a (small) list of safe items.  One thing that I am still unclear on is instant coffee.  Any suggestions would be appreciated in this regard.

I came SevenPointFive who offers Live Blood and pH Analysis and had an idea.  What is the number one thing attacked by GMO’s?  Your red blood cells.  From there, the poison spreads to the rest of your body with deadly effects.  My idea:  Do the full analysis, then cut out GMO’s from my diet and redo the test in 30 days and again in 6 months.  Lauren at SevenPointFive is very excited about this and have offered to assist me with the process.  My appointment is for tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait to start this process.  Here is what I will not be doing:

  • I will not be changing my vegetarian diet in any way other than to cut out anything which might contain GMO’s.
  • I will not stop smoking for the duration of the test (at least).
  • I will not change my exercise routine for the duration of the test.
  • I will not be adding any medication or supplements to my diet.

The result will be an interesting one and I will keep you posted.

3 thoughts on “The GMO Test – how much does it effect me?

  1. I was looking for oat bran over the weekend and I see Dischem now has quite a few products marked at GMO free. I think the more fuss we kick up about this the better the labelling will get – then at least we’ll get a choice in the matter.

    1. Absolutely! It’s all about creating awareness. It’s a simply matter of supply and demand. The more demand there is for organic GMO Free products, the more will be produced and the more affordable it will become. It is specifically because of the fact that Monsanto is afraid of awareness that they have turned the comment function off on their Facebook fan page!

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