Killing yourself to look pretty?

In 2011 I made peace with the fact that I am growing old(er).  The stretchmarks are a reminder of the precious 9 months I had Luke inside of me, before I had to let him go to be his own person (I'm a tiger who earner her stripes!).  The small beginnings of wrinkles are reminders … Continue reading Killing yourself to look pretty?

Describing Emotion

Here's one for the writers.  Do you often struggle to find just the right word to describe an emotion? I found this tremendous Emotion Sheet: If it is a bit unclear and you want me to email it to you, just send me a message. Hope it helps!

Vote for me!!!

No, this is not me standing up and becoming a politician fighting for human rights.  It's just me, entering a Creative Challenge and I need your votes, please?! My entry is one of 19 and I need you to vote here. Voting is open now until midnight on the 2nd of June 2013. Thank you!

What story are you telling yourself?

Our memories of situations differ based on past experiences. What stories do you tell yourself about your life. Take a step back and reconsider


Self Portrait Hippie Peace Freaks
From Hippie Peace Freaks

“We tell ourselves stories every day. This is a story. A story of how we take the events of our lives and turn them into memories. And of how we can remake those memories by telling new stories to change our lives.

Every story is built on themes and although there can be an infinite number of stories there are a limited number of themes. The stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what our lives are about are just so. We can be the hero, antagonist or victim. Our lives can be heroic or tragic, fulfilling or empty, happy or sad. It all depends on the story we write and the stage on which we perform.

Just as a stage contains props to support a play, so do we select from life’s myriad events the bits and pieces of evidence we use to…

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