My Technology Rescue!

On Friday the WordPress Weekly Writing challenge was posted. My frustration? I can’t open the darn thing!

This frustration made me realize that I owe a small explanation to my followers.

Some background. When I’m not at work, I only have my trusted BlackBerry to navigate the highways and byways of the web. I read your posts that I get via email, but answering them becomes a tedious process. That being the reason why you don’t get much from me in terms of feedback.

As of this week however, it all changes. My mom have graciously offered that I can buy over her laptop. My dad and his wife then stepped in and offered to buy it for me as an early birthday present. Added to this huge present, a 3G modem! I have the best parents in the world.

I can’t wait for the parcel to arrive, then I will be able to read, post, write and comment to my hearts content!

Thank you for your continued support event though you don’t always get feedback from me! It is much appreciated.

Have a lovely Sunday all. Hopefully yours is less cold and wet than mine!

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