Happy Birthday Nonet to my sister, Cila!

I first heard about a Nonet via fellow blogger, Draliman. A Nonet is a poem with nine lines. The first line has 9 syllables, the second 8 and so on until the 9th line has only 1.

Today would have been my sister’s birthday, she would have been 33. In 2005 she was taken from us very suddenly and we miss her every day. She only ever drank Jack Daniels on the rocks, so every year now I have one on her birthday. This year I decided to add a Nonet in her honor.

This one is for Cila:

You were a naughty, crazy, wild one
Always laughing, full of passion
Happy birthday my sister
Taken away too soon
Your light shines on us
Each night and day


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nonet to my sister, Cila!

  1. A beautiful tribute to your sister, and it’s lovely that you always have her favourite drink on her birthday.
    Poetry-wise, I like the way the 6th line both finishes the 5th line and starts the final 3 lines (if you see what I mean!).

  2. Ai Natie, Cila sou so, so, soooooo chaffed gewees het hiermee! Well done, my skattebol!! Ek gaan dit beslis gebruik in ‘n scrapbook layout oor haar. Ja, ons blondekop-nagmerrie met die bitter klein hartjie…

  3. My nephew’s birthday is coming up./In memory of my loved one,/I’ll offer him a nonet./(I practice as we speak)/Yours was sad, yet not./Your love for your/dear sister/fills our/hearts.

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