Plan the ultimate celebration for someone close to you. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

My mom turns 60 on the 10th of July this year. Sadly, there is a BIG downside to this celebration. We live about 13 hours drive apart and there is just no way that we can be together for her birthday. The two of us have never needed a fancy affair to have a good time and my mom, amazing woman that she is, is happy with the smallest thing. If money was no object, this is how her birthday would have gone down:

I would fly her down to Cape Town and on arrival she would be escorted to Table Mountain for lunch. Late afternoon we would check in at the 12 Apostles Spa for 24 hours of luxury and pampering. Just before sunset on the day of her birthday she would get a Harley ride to the Western Province Rugby Union grounds at Newlands, where the Stormers would carry her in like a roman Goddess to where Jamie Bartlett (her date for the evening) would be waiting. Only the finest foods and drinks will be served. For entertainment we will have Eugene Havenga to start off the night while Mandoza will rock out the night with Nkalakatha. My mom has the spirit of an 18 year old, so the party will end as the sun rise over Cape Town. Finally, she will depart on a month long holiday – fully paid – to any destination she may desire. Her gift? Keys to a house at the foot of Table Mountain.

Oi Vey? If only…


5 thoughts on “RSVP

    • Thanks! I’m not sure about the Stormers bit though. Still trying to convert my mom to be Sharkie (like me), but I’m not having any luck there!

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