Promoting (ir)responsible gambling

I am one of the few people around who actually like junk mail and ads, be they on TV or radio. I find it fascinating how advertising executives put it all together. My favorite TV ad for the moment have to be the one for MiWay Insurance. I will have to try and find a … Continue reading Promoting (ir)responsible gambling


Awesome God

The Dynamic Force

Awesome God Clouds

No matter how bad your hand in this life has been so far
No matter what you’ve been through
No matter how much you’ve suffered
God’s doesn’t want that for you
Not in the everlasting world that He is making for us

So many of us have been through horrible times
So many of us have suffered at the hands of others
We dish out pain very easily; sometimes without even thinking
That’s is not what God want for us
Not in the eternal world that He is building right now

God is Awesome; He knows everything
He knew what we would do – BUT IT IS US THAT DO IT
It is us that have gone astray; we are the disobedient ones
It is us that do all the wrong and cause the pain
We do it; we do it to each other
God does not want that for…

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Take Care!

When you’re unwell, do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier on alone? What does it take for you to ask for help? Urgh, I am really bad at this!  Asking for help that is.  I will give of myself until I'm about to fall over, but asking … Continue reading Take Care!