What kind of human are you?

This video is going around on Facebook and it is a must see, so I thought I would share it with you.

WordPress unfortunately won’t allow me to upload video (I’m a cheapie and am only subscribed to the free version, sorry!), but here is the link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=482843455124803

Next time you meet someone, take the time to forget about skin color, bank balance, sex, religion and background, and remember:


7 thoughts on “What kind of human are you?

  1. That video is hilarious. And it does show that lolely judging someone by his/her appearance and jump to conclusions from that is not a wise thing to do.
    However, I would like to be a bit more nuanced about forgetting all those things you mention. OK, I’ll forget about the skin colour. But sex, religion, background and even bank balance and how a person deals with those contribute a lot to someone’s personality and identity. It’s often good to know about these things in relation to that person in order to get a better understanding of why and how he/she does and thinks the way he/she does. Without judging him/her for it.
    My two cents 🙂

    1. Valid point – they all are part of the recipe that makes us who we are! Sadly it is only human to be blinded by all those things when we make up our minds about who and what someone really is

      1. Well, the way I see it you can use these elements in 2 ways:
        A negative, deconstructive way by using them as stereotypes on which people are judged.
        Or a positive, constructive way in which one uses these elements to help getting a better understanding of where someone is coming from.
        The first way leads to intolerance, discrimination and polarization.
        The second way hopefully helps to lead to better understanding and tolerance.
        Unfortunately we live in a time where the first way seems to be dominant.
        I do my best to walk the second way. Even though it’s a narrow path and I do get astray occasionally aswell. But at least I’m trying.

        1. True. Well done for doing what you can to stay on the send path. Don’t worry about failing from time to time, we are just human after all. A tough one indeed, but the more we try the easier it gets. Equally, the more people try, the better society will become

  2. Great video to share – mind if I attempt a re-blog/vid post of it? As for assumptions, when people see my first name, they ask, ‘so, which country did you move from?’ Only way I respond is with a smile and say, ‘I’ve never left the USA.’

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