I promise to never complain about a photo again!

My brother, sister and myself as part of a wedding partyToday I received my technology rescue, the one I have been praying for. The laptop my dad and his wife bought me arrived from the Free State, lovingly packaged by my mom. Along came a book too: Paulo Coelho’s The Zahir. Yay, but for once, … Continue reading I promise to never complain about a photo again!

That unique hidden side and CHARGERS


As we know, we all have the CREATIVE side. We have that hidden art, which is neglected the most in between routine chaos.


As per me, that’s the only fact, that side of every human being, makes him unique. We all live on same earth, live same life and no one of us have control on end of life. So many ways, we share the similarities. Still we all are different. What it would have taken for GOD to make us all different? He must have thought a lot and then must have smiled J. He must knew that we will or most of us will neglect themselves and so he put that secret uniqueness in the heart and covered it with body. We most of the time, search out side to satisfy our creativity, to accomplish something unequaled in life. And sometimes, we spend the whole life to just…

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The Life You Want

The Dynamic Force

The understanding that there is a better life to live
It drives us on
It makes us stand and seek and try so hard to give
As much as we can

We work hard, or not, but we always think and believe
That there is more
We play our cards, do whatever we can, to try and relieve
That inbuilt draw

No one ever succeeds in finding that secret place alone
We are all confused
The selfishness we hide is never satisfied and always moans
We are being used

Controlled by all kinds of lying thoughts and feelings
They make us blind
To the Truth that comes from God and brings us healing
It renews the mind

There is only One Way to reach that Life that we desire
There is no price
It has already paid by Him and His Name is Jesus Christ
Just bring your life


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Wake up City of Cape Town Traffic – before the children die!

Photo: ER24.com Every morning while waiting for my taxi I see two light delivery vehicles with canopies transporting school children, stuffed into the back of the vehicles like sardines. Twice before have I phoned the local Traffic Department with the vehicle registration numbers and on both occasions I was brushed off with "The drivers have been … Continue reading Wake up City of Cape Town Traffic – before the children die!