Wake up City of Cape Town Traffic – before the children die!


Photo: ER24.com

Every morning while waiting for my taxi I see two light delivery vehicles with canopies transporting school children, stuffed into the back of the vehicles like sardines.

Twice before have I phoned the local Traffic Department with the vehicle registration numbers and on both occasions I was brushed off with “The drivers have been warned to stop transporting the children as they do not have the necessary permits to transport people.”

This morning I saw the vehicles again, only this time it was raining heavily.  The driver of the one vehicle was driving so fast that he was, despite his best efforts, unable to come to a stop at the four-way crossing.  Instead, when he saw that he was not able to stop, he increased his speed!

I have again phoned the Traffic Department and was again met with the obligatory “someone will get back to you”.

I do realize it is very difficult to apprehend someone who is putting the lives of children in danger when you have the location, description and vehicle license number of the offenders, but really?  Do we want to see these innocent children in a picture such as the one above?

Do we need to see an accident happen and the possible loss of children’s lives before something will be done?

Wake up City of Cape Town Traffic!  It is your job, you get paid to do this!


2 thoughts on “Wake up City of Cape Town Traffic – before the children die!

    • I know, right! After I phoned this morning and threw my toys out the cot, I’m still waiting on a call back. Might just consider throwing myself at the driver on Monday morning. Isn’t there something like a citizen’s arrest?

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