Jump! It can’t get any worse!


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What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

Mm-mm?  Today is probably, no – definitely, not the best day to be asking me about jumping.

Off late I have been bombarded with a wagon-load of, let’s say, manure.  It’s quite literally been coming at me from all sides.  At this point I feel like I pretty much have two options left:

  • Crawl into a little ball and wake up when it’s all sorted; or
  • Take Luke and just disappear into the night.

Yesterday someone actually had the audacity to tell me that I would never have the balls to pull such a gutsy move as the latter.  Do you really want to challenge me at this point?!  NOT a good idea!

The funny thing about taking risks is this:  we have an inherent fight or flight mechanism which kicks in with these kind of situations.  As mentioned before, mine is to just freeze.  I hate conflict and, to my downfall, usually end up doing what is good for the other person, just to avoid the conflict.  How stupid is that.  Unfortunately the Universe has a way of forcing you into action when freezing is no longer an option.  We will have to see how the next couple of weeks play out.  It should be interesting, to say the least!

Getting back to the prompt:

The biggest physical risk I would like to take is to jump out of a plane (yes, with a parachute – I am not suicidal, yet) or bungee jump.  How exhilarating that must be!

The biggest emotional risk I would like to take is, for once, to just think about me.  Nothing and no-one else just me, what do I want?  What is good for me?  How empowering that will be!

The biggest financial risk I would like to take is to quit my job and just spend my days travelling and writing.  What bliss, to follow your passion!

What risk would you most like to take?

11 thoughts on “Jump! It can’t get any worse!

  1. I like how you’ve categorised your risks. All three seem quite achievable, but not without a bit of leg work first, and life just has this weird way of getting in the way sometimes. Especially right now, it sounds as though some crazy Sh!t is going down. I hope you weather the storm well, and have faith that whatever decision you make will be the right one.

  2. Mine is a financial risk I guess…I would love to buy a house. Some days I think, wow – I think I’m pretty close to being in a position where I can actually do that – then my car breaks or Nicola gets sick or I need to go to the dentist or something and my day dream is dashed again.

    When i do get around it, it’s going to be awesome! But I want to do it right, when I finally put down some proper roots I don’t want to have to trim them again and move after that. That mythical house will be my home until I kick the bucket, of that I am sure.

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