Far From Home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home. It's really difficult being the perpetual traveler in your soul, but not ever having done anything about it. I have never left South Africa, let alone the continent and there are so many places I would love to see.  Jacques and I are planning our … Continue reading Far From Home

Breaking News in Modimolle Monster Trial

Judgment have just been handed down in the Modimole Monster trial. Photo:  Phill MagakoeThe four accused are:Johan KotzeAndries SitholePieta MohlakeSello MphakaThe charges and verdicts:Murder (Conrad Bonnette) - Johan Kotze & Andries Sithole - Guilty; Pieta Mohlake and Sello Mphaka - Not GuiltyAttempted Murder of Ina Bonnette (based on one of the co-accused being HIV Positive) - … Continue reading Breaking News in Modimolle Monster Trial

Drabble a bit more on Shopping

“This post is written for the 110 Creative Challenge Contest, hosted by Thewhitescape“ I wake with a grin, the excitement hardly containable!  The day has finally come - Christmas shopping my favorite kind!  I grab my sneakers and purse and dash out the door.  Hours later, I'm still walking, smelling, seeing, touching.  I suss out options and really take … Continue reading Drabble a bit more on Shopping