Life sucks!


I hate my life!

I have nothing to be grateful for, everything is a mess!

I wish I was never born!

The only thing I can get any form of satisfaction out is my job, which I totally love, every second of every day; every phone call I make brings me joy.

No-one loves me, no-one cares about me.

No-one would miss me if I wasn’t there, I might as well die…

Okay, now that I have your attention – relax, it’s not true!  I didn’t know what to write in response to the Daily Prompt and came up with the above.  Incidentally, none of it is true!

On a lighter note, since I don’t have anything meaningful to add, I’ll give you the following:

The definition of opposite:

Main Entry:
opposite  [op-uh-zit, -sit]  Show IPA
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: unlike, conflicting; completely different
Synonyms: adverseantagonistic, antipodal, antipodean,antitheticalcontradictory, contrapositive, contrary,contrasted, correspondingcounter, crosswise,diametric, diametrically opposed, different, differing,dissimilar, diverse, facing, flip-side, fronting, hostile,inconsistentindependentinimical, inverse,irreconcilable, obverse, opposedornery*,paradoxical, polar, repugnant, retrograde, reverse,reversed, separate, unalike, unconnected,unrelated, unsimilar, violative, vis-á-vis
Notes: contrary  describes something that contradicts aproposition, converse  is used when the elementsof a proposition are reversed opposite  pertainsto that which is diametrically opposed to aproposition, and reverse can mean each of those
Antonyms: compatiblelikesimilar

Some Opposite Quotes and sayings:

opposite3 opposite2


Have a lovely day!

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4 thoughts on “Life sucks!

  1. You had me well worried there! I was already trying to think of a comment I could write which might make you feel a bit better 🙂

    1. he-he-he (chuckle in my sleeve) – mission accomplished! I wanted to do something which would make my readers sit and (possibly) gasp! Thanks!

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