Dream House

You win a contest to build your dream home. Draft the plans.

Good day, Mr Architect, are you ready?  I hope you brought your thinking cap, this is going to blow your mind!


Location, location, location!

Even though I love South Africa with all my heart, for this one we are going to have to look at Adra, Spain.  Location is of the utmost importance and I need to be somewhere where I can see and feel the sun 365 days of year.  Further, the chosen property would need to be on a low hill-top, overlooking the ocean.  I need to be able to see mountains and sea.  I require a foot path set in pebbles, which does not disturb the natural growth too much, running down to the beach front.  Got it, good, we can move on.

Perimeter and outside

I want the perimeter to be marked with a picket fence.  Outside I want trees: old, huge trees, and lots of them.  One would need to have a hammock and another would need to have a tire-swing.  Not too far from the house, I need a windmill with an actual, working water reservoir.  I will see to the set up and maintenance of the vegetable patch and flower gardens myself.  Running along the outside of the house, around all four sides, I need a wide porch.

Overall feel outside

I want to property to “melt into” the surroundings.  I want natural material used as far as possible and solar panels to be fitted.  In the building process and thereafter, I want there to be very little intrusion on the natural habitat.

Overall feel inside

Once inside, I need it to be airy with lots of light so lots of big windows are important.  All windows to have old-world wooden shutters which I can close when I feel like it.


Family Room and dining area – open plan, yet slightly separated – perhaps have an arch or the like there.

Kitchen – I want to use gas, not electricity, where ever possible in the kitchen.  I want Cherry wood counter tops and cupboards in the kitchen.  The oven should be situated in the middle of the kitchen, almost hidden in the work area with a marble counter top.  Above I want space for hanging pots and pans .

The pantry should lead down to the wine cellar.  I will need provision for white and red wine with separate areas designed for optimal storage of wines.

Guest toilet with the normal trimmings.

Reading room – in here I want nothing but a fireplace, soft plushy couches and bookshelves – loads of them.  The reading room need to overlook the ocean.


Bed- and bathrooms – I would like to have 3 bedrooms with the main en-suite.  Both the en-suite bathroom and the other bathroom need to have a shower as well as a bath.  The showers need to be able to easily accommodate  two people so large shower heads are necessary.  The bath tubs need to be large and Edwardian – there will be no negotiation on this point!


This will be my private sanctuary.  Again I have to stress the importance of a lot of windows as well as very wide window sills, big enough for me to crawl up on.  Bookshelves are also required.

That’s it, not so hard was it!  Now, get building Mister!  I can’t wait to move in.


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