I did what!?

So, according to Facebook, I’ve been a bad, bad girl. So bad in fact that I’ve been banned from the Marketplace

Yesterday I posted two listings. Both for old electronic equipment from storage: a computer, some hard drives, printers, scanners and VoIP phones. Nothing…. weird…

This morning I received notification that I’ve been banned from buying or selling on Marketplace due to having contravened their Community Standards. Now… I’ve read those standards. I’m a stickler for the fine print. I’m the one who always reads the manual FIRST.

I am totally dumbstruck a this as I honestly don’t know what the deem to have been a contravention. In my support inbox it shows zero contraventions. They even say thank you for keeping Facebook safe. What the ffffffrikadel!?

While my “appeal” is pending review, have any of you experienced this? What do I do?

This got me thinking about the social media dilemma. How it is ruling our lives and the power thatr Zuckerberg and Co have over us. They get to decide what we may or may not post or share. Doesn’t that just feel wrong somehow?

While I do admit that a certain level of control is necessary to prohit the spread of pornography or to cltry and curb human and drug trafficking etc, I just feel that way too many people are being put in Facebook jail for simply sharing their opinions or products. Yet, the scamsters get to flood groups. Not really consistent, I’d say

I’ll update you once this has been resolved as a warning for next time you share or try to sell something there.

On a different note, I’m all about excitement and butterflies for my first ever flight tomorrow!!!!!

If you’ve been wondering why it is such a big deal for me, keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post where I’ll explain it all

Here is today’s Note from the Universe, and it’s right in line with what I’m feeling right now


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