Living a purpose-filled life

So much have happened since my last post…

After I had published, I probably spent another 2 hours after that crying and then slept like I haven’t slept in a very long time. My love always jokes that he’s going to start a company “Crying for weddings, funerals, birthdays and over special events” as I can cry at the drop of a hat. For the past year/year and a half probably, I’ve not cried. Maybe it’s because of hormones, maybe it’s because of pressure and stress, maybe it was a self-preservation thing, where I couldn’t allow myself to cry amidst the show that was 2020. I think deep down I really needed a solid cry, so Saturday was the catalyst that released the floodgates of emotion that I’ve been keeping in.

On Sunday a friend responded to my post via WhatsApp with a suggestion of a route I should pursue. Without knowing it, she set in motion in series of events that, in my opinion, would shape my future. I owe you a debt of gratitude, Petunia.

I am not entire sure how I eventually got to my solution, but googling and reading and videos and research led to one definite route I need to pursue: life coaching.

That nagging little voice in my head had a whale of a time off-course.

You, a life coach, please. What do you know? Besides, you don’t have all your shit together! Well, I’ve discovered that being a life coach doesn’t mean that you have all your shit together, it just means that you’ve gone through it and learned from it and there is always someone who’s shit is much less together than yours and your experiences could help

You would have to completely step away from this blog and persona as no-one would look at you as being “credible” in any way whatsoever if they had to read your ramblings. No, my ramblings are part of my journey of part of what got me to where I am and, more importantly who I am

Now, this is the part where I once again stand amazed at how things fall in place when we are on the right path.

Monday – I a company in Johannesburg that offers an internationally accredited Life Coaching coursing combined with an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course. 2 Internationally accredited certificates at a rock bottom price. I booked a discovery call and had a long, very long, chat with them. For the duration of lockdown in South Africa, they are offering the course at a huge discount.

Tuesday – Out of the blue, the person I spoke to called me back and offered me a further discount because of my passion and purpose!

Wednesday – I receive a very lucrative corporate job offer for June 2021, but I would have to accept now. One that would offer more than I’ve ever been paid. An amount that right now would change our financial situation drastically.

Reasons to take it….

Reasons NOT to take it

I’ve never earned that much in a month

We would have a lot more financial freedom

Money is important, but this job would make no impact – anywhere on anyone. I’d be back in the rat race

6 Months from now, we would have settled our 2 biggest debts if we just keep going the way we are now

Accepting it would mean less time to grow my own business and pursuing my current path would become near impossible

What if it doesn’t come through? With all the uncertainty around Corona, who knows where we will be 6 months from now. It would mean having lost 6 months of growing my business and pursuing this path and having to pick up the reins at that time

There is a lot more I can add to the second column. It is a no-brainer, no?

Thursday – I receive another offer. Much, much smaller financially, but I would be able to grow my business and pursue my path

Yet, I was still agonizing over it. We could really use the money right now, but the money won’t be right now….

Thursday evening – this solidified my decision. At the beginning of January a Facebook ad popped up for a series of webinars to be hosted by Henley Business School during this week and next. One name stood out as my love grew up with him and I decided to sign up for that webinar, purely because my love have spoken of him so many times. I paid no attention to the title of the webinar and we agreed to watch as it should be interesting. Well, let me tell you….

How to be your own life coach by Pepe Marais was life changing. I won’t go too much into the detail as I’ve emailed him for permission to blog about the content of his presentation and am waiting on his response.

In short, it’s about finding your purpose and living that purpose. He spoke of life coaching and NLP (ding ding ding). He spoke of living a life of purpose and passion. Something he said again reminded me that if God gave you a purpose, and God knows you need to earn an income, God will show you how…

Hello Universe. For two hours after the presentation, I walked around like a buzzing ball of electricity. My heart swelled to capacity and filled with emotion and hope and potential…

I am confident that, for the first time, I am on the right path and, beg, steal or borrow, I will be doing this course. I literally only need like 345 US dollars or 250 Pound or 290 Euros (R5150.00 our exchange rate is ridiculous….). I’ve started a back-a-buddy campaign to try and raise the funds needed for the course.

I can’t wait to share with you where this journey goes…


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