The best kind of love

I am blessed with the best partner any girl could ask for, but today I’m inclined to think of a diffferent kind of love – the most important kind of love

The Bible tells us ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’ and ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

Love your neighbor as you love yourself…

Is that not what is wrong with society as a whole?

Do you love yourself or do you simply tolerate who you are right now?

How often do you critisize and belittle yourself? How often do you blame yourself for things you had no control over or flood your being with shame and guilt over decissions made and actions taken?

On the flip side, do you love yourself so much that you can’t see any wrong in any of your actions; a narcissistic view of perfection no matter what happens or who is hurt in the process?

Why not take part in the #selflovechallenge
For 30 days look yourself in the eyes and declare your love. I’m not talking about a quick glance in the mirror. No, look into your eyes, really look, and then say: I love you

What is that kind of love?
Be patient and kind with yourself when you stumble and fall
Don’t boast about your achievements or have too much pride about it or envious of those who outshine you
Let your actions not be self-seeking or dishonest to others
Don’t be easily angered by the things done or said by those you trust or love and dont keep record or good or bad – forgiveness is a powerful tool
Rejoices with truth, even when it hurts, and don’t delight in something bad happening to someone else.
Always protect your heart, trust your instinct and hold fast to hope
Persevere with this perfect love and it will never fail

#trueself #warriormentality #overcomer #nowyourise


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