Lockdown is over!

I wish someone would jump out of a giant freakin cheesecake today and declare that corona was just one long stupid prank You know, the kind of prank that @WhackheadS would do. The kind that takes days and weeks and months to set up, with all the top players involved. At this point, I would even settle … Continue reading Lockdown is over!

Doing lockdown like a Kardashian (or not)

https://www.ekurhuleni.gov.za/media-relations/21-day-national-lockdown-covid-19.html So day 1 and 2 of lockdown came and went and it's not that bad (yet). Day 1 wasn't much different from the norm, except that I got to work from home. Jip, I'll be working through lockdown which is an absolute blessing. Remember the 11 Commandments of lockdown - find a balance between … Continue reading Doing lockdown like a Kardashian (or not)

On bullies and abusers and getting paid for it

"I'm in an abusive relationship, so cheers to that" Our weekly girl's night turned sour very quickly when my friend uttered these words. I froze, my wine glass suspended halfway between the clink of our glasses in the busy restaurant and a sip. I never, in a million years expected her husband to be that … Continue reading On bullies and abusers and getting paid for it