Judge Bert Bam serves justice

If you are a normal, sane human being, you would agree that we all think of rape as a horrendous act, which deserves the highest punishment.  Only those who have had to endure it though, will be able to tell how far reaching the effects truly are.  Rape is not something that you ever forget. … Continue reading Judge Bert Bam serves justice


Breaking News in Modimolle Monster Trial

Judgment have just been handed down in the Modimole Monster trial. Photo:  Phill MagakoeThe four accused are:Johan KotzeAndries SitholePieta MohlakeSello MphakaThe charges and verdicts:Murder (Conrad Bonnette) - Johan Kotze & Andries Sithole - Guilty; Pieta Mohlake and Sello Mphaka - Not GuiltyAttempted Murder of Ina Bonnette (based on one of the co-accused being HIV Positive) - … Continue reading Breaking News in Modimolle Monster Trial