Where do the days go?

“OK, let’s look at highlights of the past year” Jacques said and gave en enthusiastic smile, but that’s where it stayed, unfortunately.  The year had simply “swooshed” past in spectacular fashion and there wasn’t much to remember.  How bad is that?  365 days gone and I can’t think of much.  There was 22 June (when … Continue reading Where do the days go?

Tata Madiba for Person of the Year

You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why? I am completely flabbergasted at the fact that our beloved Madiba have never received an individual Person of the Year award!  In 1993 he was co-recipient as Peacemaker with Yassar Arafat, F.W. de Klerk and Yitzhak Rabin.  As … Continue reading Tata Madiba for Person of the Year