Another taxi ha-ha moment

Another funny taxi moment to share.

One the way home tonight I found myself in one of the few deadly quiet taxis. No conversation, no music, nothing. Only the sound of the engine and the other traffic going past.

The driver started to plan out his route and asked “Anyone for Zola?” No answer, deadly quiet. “Anyone for Foamright?” Nothing. “Midas? Bus stop? Station?” Each question went completely unanswered. Resigning to the fact that he is not getting any of the stops right, he asked “Where is the first stop?” Not a peep came out of any of the passengers.

Very confused and bewildered he turned around and said “People, there is no meat at my house. You are going to have to go to your own houses tonight. So where do you want me to stop if you want to eat tonight?” Now, I don’t know if it was the expression on his face or the way he said it, but we all packed up laughing.

One lady indicated that she needs to get off at the garage (gas station). He stopped and another lady wanted to get in. As she approached it was evident that her jeans were about two sizes to small for her bulky frame (that’s putting it mildly). The one woman just edged a bit forward, leaving a gap for jeans lady to squeeze past her. Jeans lady tried twice but simply could not get her behind to fit through the gap. “Eish no! I can’t get it. I am too fat, I eat too much meat.”

The mention of the word meat had us all laughing again. The poor jeans lady of course had no idea what we were laughing about and stormed off very undignified; her mighty thighs and behind trying with all it’s might to defy the constrains of her pants.

Just as we were about to pull away, she dropped her handbag and bent over to pick it up. That was unfortunately the last straw. As if unzipped, the seam at the back gave way!

Laughing at someone else’s misfortune is not something we choose to do. It happens automatically. We were hosing ourselves!

I wish I knew this was coming up, I would have saved it for today’s Daily Prompt!

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