Obtaining clarity

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The Note from the Universe today poses an interesting question:

“Have you ever noticed how lacking clarity is clarity itself? How, if you are unsure about something, that alone, has meaning? Honor uncertainty. It is the womb from which all-knowingness comes.”

Let’s break it down: Have you ever noticed lacking clarity?
We all know that feeling, right? You wake up one day and regard your life, as if from a distance, just to notice that it seems foreign. Sometimes you look at it all and wonder: what am I doing here, how did I get here, what happened to me? It’s as if you have been asleep for the past 15 years and just woke up to realize someone else has been living your life. You are missing something, but you just don’t know what it is.

We deal with these feelings in a lot of different ways. Some of us might be content to drown those feelings of dissatisfaction in anti-depressants or alcohol; living a fake life where every day chips away a little more at your armour. It kills of your soul in tiny chunks. For some in translates into a mid-life (or quarter life) crisis: you become or get yourself a Cougar or Ben 10 and have a saucy affair. You take up a sudden interest in a foreign language or take up a ridiculous new hobby such as cross country bike racing. You pack up and leave, literally for the unknown, for an as yet undecided destination, with nothing more than a backpack, a passport and some cash. For others it might be as simple as a change in career. Others yet get divorced and set off to find themselves.

Any of these actions might bring temporary relief from the questions hounding you. Soon enough you again find yourself racing through a dark night, panting for breath, those thoughts and feelings chasing you down like a pack of rabid dogs. And the trouble starts again.

Clarity lies in noticing the lack of clarity.
This sounds very Confucius-like, I know, but think about it. When the time comes that you make the stark realization that your life is missing something, you should be giving yourself a high-five, dance naked in the rain and yodel at the top of your voice! The fact that you “woke up” and realized that you are lacking something in your life is in itself a sign of personal growth, a sign that you have awakened into a higher state of being and that you are ready for to enter the next level in your life.

Robin Sharma says “We are born into genius and should never settle for a life of mediocrity”. Noticing the lack of clarity is your way to realize that you are not in tune with your destiny. It is something to be celebrated not feared!

Honor uncertainty. It is the womb from which all-knowingness comes.
We are all created, destined for greatness. We are all placed on this planet with a certain greatness to achieve. The problem comes in when we choose to ignore our inner voice and follow a path different from our destiny. It is not by choice that we begin to ignore our inner voice. From an early age we are told that there are no such things as monsters in the dark of night; grow up, you are too old to believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy; and, the biggest killer of them all, don’t think, just listen and learn – I am a grown up, I know more than you do! I hate the saying “Children should be seen and not heard” – to my view that is one of the worst rules to impose on children. Through being able to express themselves, children learn infinitely more than by merely listening; they learn to listen to their inner voice and it grows with them. Well rounded children are much less likely to experience a mid-life crisis and they become, generally speaking, active, caring and loving members of society. Why? Because they listen to their inner voice and know what they want out of life. Their minds aren’t cluttered by endless ideals imposed on them.

So what do we do?
If you have not yet reached this point, stop now and take stock of your life. There is still time to consider it all. Take time I every day to be quiet with yourself. No distraction – no ipod or TV or mobile or computer, not even a book. If you can, take a 10 minute walk. If you can’t, go sit in your garden for 10 minutes, look at the clouds and listen to the birds. If you don’t have a garden, run a hot bath, take a straw (necessary for breathing) and submerge yourself under water. Then pause and listen. The thoughts that come into your mind are your driving force. Weed them out one by one: negatives thoughts creates more negative emotion creates more negative circumstances negative thoughts; positive thoughts creates more positive emotion creates more positive circumstances creates more positive thoughts. It really is not rocket science. It will be difficult when you first start and it might take longer than 15 minutes at your first go to get to your core, your inner voice. Rest assured, the more you do it the easier it becomes. Turn listening to your inner voice into a habit and you will be surprised at the clarity you will gain. Becoming in tune with your inner voice before it is too late, will give you ample opportunity to discuss your needs with your family and loved ones and undoubtedly you will be able to reach some agreement about the way forward.

If you have reached the point of no return, you are in for an adventurous ride! Take time now to find your inner voice, it is there, believe me, you just need to find it! One of two things will happen: You will choose to make fear (either of the unknown ahead or loss of what you have known up to now – regardless of how bad it is for your soul) your driving force, or you will choose to make courage your driving force. Only you can choose whether you want to jump down the rabbit hole or walk on by.

Heading into the unknown to find yourself is a daunting task, but unless you find what drives you the pack rabid dogs will forever remain in your head, no matter how far or fast you run.

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