Pain is a necessary evil. Embrace it.

Allow it to wash over you and through your spirit. Cry, scream, punch a pillow, cry some more…. and then move on.

Remember the pain, hold on to the memories, never forget the lesson, but let go.

Ruin is the path that leads to transformation. For a diamond to form, carbon atoms need to be crushed and compressed under intense heat. For a butterfly to form, a caterpillar needs to stop eating and hang itself. For a baby bird to hatch, the perfect shell needs to break. For something to grow, it needs to be planted – covered in soil one thousand times its weight, with no sunlight, no life – only a crushing dark. But, in that crushing dark is where a fighting spirit is born.

Holding on to what is known is the easy part. It hurts, but it is comfortable. It is easy. It is what we know. It is also bad for you. It is sipping the poison every day. It will consume you until there is nothing left.

Letting go is the opposite. It is uncomfortable, it is unknown, it is scary. Letting go is not a once-off event. It is something you day hour by hour until it becomes day by day, and then before you know it is something that you do every now and then. It is also where the real journey begins.

Without pain, we have nothing to heal from. Without ruin, there can be no transformation and we can not grow.

So that is where you choose to become the diamond, to rise like the seed and spread your wings like a butterfly taking flight for the first time.

Find the fighting spirit within you and rise. Rise like the magnificent being you were created to be. Rise like the Phoenix you are

You are worthy
You are beautiful
You are more than good enough

It is your time….
Now rise!



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